Pills, lotions and surgeries have been used as a method to grow your penis for years now, but these methods are far from safe and bring on side effects to the body which can be harmful for the long run, so how to grow your penis without using pills in a safe and effective way? Penis extenders are known to be not only safe and effective, but they can also improve erectile functioning along with increasing the erection size. The device is dedicated to bring safe and effective results in the comfort of your own home. So which extender to really use to get the desired results?

1. The Quick Extender Pro:

Features: This medical device features a very unique innovation, which is the DSS system. The DSS system or the Double Strap Support system is a feature which includes two silicon tubes to help secure the penis. With this the extender also features deluxe comfort pads which can make you wear the extender for longer periods of time without any worry. With the DSS and the comfort pads, the tension throughout the penis will remain controlled giving very less chances of the penis shifting. Plus points which come with the pads is that they provide maximum comfort while also providing a more secure fit for the penis. The qualities which this extender possesses will most definitely give you the best result possible than any other extender out there.

Money back guarantee: There is no business brand in the market who guarantees a money back policy. Only the brands who have manufactured a product with full attention to detail to ensure that the product provides the maximum results will have this policy. If the product doesn’t work out for you then the brand has a full 6 month money back guarantee to make sure that the consumers remain fully satisfied.

2. Phallosan Forte:

Features: The most important feature about this medical device is that it can be worn in public without any troubles. With the flexibility that comes with the extender and the comfortable overall layout, the extender can work for any size of penis. The material used for this product are all anti-allergic making a safe and healthy zone for cells to grow in. The manufactures along with making sure that the device provides guaranteed results have also made sure that the overall process of penis enlargement with this extender goes smoothly as well. As it provides maximum comfort level, it also provides maximum results as well. For those who look up for ways on so how to grow your penis without using pills in a safe and effective way, will find that this extender can provide them with their desired results.

Free shipping: Sometimes, the products are not that expensive than the shipping charges. Now you can get a hold over this medical device that has proven to give guaranteed results without worrying about the shipping charges. Along with this the extender promises return back policy, so even if you are hesitant to try it out because of your fear of investing in something which can’t give you your desired results. No harm will be caused when buying this extender.

3. SizeGenetics:

Features: This is one of the most famous medical device at the moment. It has up to 16 levels of comfort and guarantees good quality as well as results. It can hold tension up to 2800 grams and is for use for anyone having any size of penis. The medical device can entertain various lengths of penis as well as girth; this is what makes it one of the top most brands for enlarging your penis. The extender features a non-slip protection as well as protection pads to reduce the pain which can occur if you wear the device for a long period of time along with securing the penis in place. It features fast production of new cells making the enlargement process much quicker.

Bent penis syndrome: This is a medical disease of the curvature of the penis which can cause many levels of discomfort affecting a person’s self-esteem on a whole. The Bent Penis syndrome or also known as Peyronies can absolutely be improved by using SizeGenetics. The device will work to help correct the curvature caused by Peyronies and many patients have straightened their penises with the use of this device.

Penile extenders can improve the size of your penises along with improving their erectile functioning too. They have proven time and time again that no other method to grow your penis is as effective as this one. It provides a painless and comfortable experience throughout along with making sure that the product comes with a package that guarantees results.